Consumer Alert - Los Angeles consumers

Consumer Alert - Los Angeles Realtors are delaying distribution of sellers' listing data to online real estate sites.

Minnesota Consumer Alert - Edina Realty

Consumer Alert - We found the following problems with Edina Realty's listing practices contained in a 2011 listing contract provided to us. This list is not meant to be comprehensive.

Our Letter to the CFPB

 The CFPB requested public comments on the mortgage closing process. However, if consumers are steered into over-priced firms that are not impartial, does it really matter how clear the closing process is? Our letter is attached and can be found below.

NAILTA Study - No In-house Title

The National Association of Independent Land Title Agents (NAILTA)  has just released a consumer survey that sheds  light on what is important to consumers in selecting a title company.  This survey (click here to read it) is extremely important because it is the first of its kind to ask important questions that are designed to provide accurate results.

William Mitchell Law Review Article on Dual Agency

 William Mitchell Law Review Article by Micheal Fleming (click here to read it).